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Custom Application, Web, and Online Marketing Enthusiasts

We offer a full range of services all geared to administering your business requirements and functionality, driving traffic to your website through the combination of our services including:  SEO Analysis, Search Engine Optimization, strategic planning, creativity, web design and development in order to ultimately keep giving you a return on your investment.

Unlike other web development companies out there, we believe in passion, creativity, solid knowledge and transparency. We believe the best way to improve the internet is by improving your business, by polishing it and by giving it the best online identity. We believe in tasteful design, the latest development technologies, clever internet marketing campaigns and complete social media services.  Our process begins with strategic planning website architecture, seo engineering all prior to jumping into design and development head first, so to speak.  For this reason, we call ourselves, West Texas SEO Architects that do our due diligence to give you a sound blueprint in advance.

Only by delivering the full array of website development services we have the opportunity to reach our goal – making your business more relevant to your customers and the internet a better place for you to convert your internet marketing into more business.  This is why Texas Data Software is inspiring achievement on the web.  We work with you, listen to you, and communicate with you every inch of the way as the marketing wing of your business.

Our interpersonal skills, strategic thinking and creative methodology prepare us to be a team in building your brand and audience.  You will have one point of contact every inch of the way, a Product Owner assigned to your project.  The same individual works with our cross-functinal teams and your internal and external teams to reach common goals. Through the use of scrum methodology we complete two week iterations to show you pieces of functionality and on going progress to your development project.  During reviews and demos this is an opportunity for us to obtain feedback for each of the new functionality and add your feedback in a methodical prioritization to your product backlog.

When your website and applications go live your monthly internet marketing campaign will be also managed by the same point of contact, and new releases and versions will also stay on course with scrum methodology.   Texas Data Soft provides quality structured services one step at a time.

We prepare our customers before and after their organic ranking has reached strong traffic, performance, and conversions to keep an eye on their competition…

How can Texas Data Software’s help you increase your sales immediately with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising?

Internet Marketing Optimization CompanyTexas Data Soft’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising strategies are tailored for each of our customers with our primary objective to increase the performance of your organic search results.

We all want to get our visitors to the first page and monitor small to medium size companies with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, and large corporations with both Google Analytic Tools and Omniture, Coremetrics, WebTrends, and ClickTracks as well for additional tools, fine tuning, control, reporting and management if the client provides such subscriptions.

And while seo organic strategies are in-process of being fine-tuned and optimized, it is crucial to generate much faster results in the interim through Google and Bing PPC advertising campaigns that convert much more quickly into new business, but of course also require constant monitoring.

Areas in which Texas Data Soft will help you to get that instantaneous business is through the following services that we provide: Targeted Keywords, Pay-Per-Click, Display Advertising, reducing bounce rates and keeping your visitors on your site longer, management and monitoring improve the relative performance of traffic, click through and conversion rates.



What makes Tex Data Soft different when it comes to SEO?

We begin your project with a needs and requirements assessment first to understand your business and goals. Once you have provided all of the necessary elements, components and functionality that your business requires.   Once you have signed off on the scope of work for the project, we begin engineering a plan by preparing a blueprint that is the set of road maps for the entire project that was discussed previously.

This road map is engineered by our Sacramento SEO Architects and Siloing experts who strategically analyze the entire plan including navigation, competitive keywords specifically for each page, how to target your markets, how to compete, and the details of what makes up the elements and components of each step logically.

This analytical research provides us with details as to how we will generate high quality keyword rich content for you, set a base line for all landing pages, conceptually design your website, and once signed off by you begin programming.

Our company focuses primarily on the pre-build because we want your website to be ready for growth and fine tuning in order to increase the performance of your search results. Some of the services we provide include:  Siloing, Site Audits, Analytics, Keyword Research, competitive Analysis, Strategic Planning, SEO Web Design and Engineering, SEO Copywriting, Conversion Rate Optimization, Video Optimization, Image Optimization, On Page SEO, Local SEO, Directory Submissions, High PR relative linking, reducing bounce rate, and Analytics Web Design, CMS, Web Development, ecommerce, and custom application development.

We are the right internet marketing firm for you because we are working for you for the long haul to reach on going goals to develop, plan and drive organic searches to your website through strong and ethical methodology.  This is another reason why you want to carefully choose a local Internet Marketing Company to support your digital marketing.

When it comes to Ecommerce optimization whether it is local, national or Global SEO, we have the experience and tools to get you ahead of your competition and get your products and services at the top of the search results.


Internet Marketing Optimization CompanyWhat steps do we take to successfully incorporate your Branding into your design?

Web Design is where we embed your branding, our creative design, the blueprint requirements, the perception of the audience and respective “user experience”, and tie in the elements and components into conceptual designs for your review.  We work with you to get this right and provide a number of concepts and revisions based on the “scope of work” that we agree upon at the beginning of the project. We listen to you very carefully in order to create and translate your business plan and target audience into your visual identity.

We continue to support your brand to adapt to the interchanging requirements of adaptability as the internet demands changes to your visual identity.

Why SEO Site Architecture and Strategic Planning is Essential Before Design, Development and Implementation?

We recommend that you have us complete all due diligence including website architecture, SEO siloing, and engineering a blueprint for the entire process.  With the blueprint, the copywriters, web designers and developers are ready for each of their tasks.  Today, Responsive Design is crucial with so many platforms and devices available.

Today, Responsive Design is the status quo to incorporate a single user experience that detects screen size, image resolution, across all platforms including mobile devices which you can assume we will always recommend to all of our clients.

Web Design begins with conceptual designs based on what was discussed with you during the needs and requirements assessment when we spoke.  We then have our graphic designers prepare the designs that are based on the seo blueprint, elements, components and functionality required.

During the design phase we simultaneously work on seo copywriting.  After revisions to the design concept have been selected and signed off by you, we begin the development phase… Our developers are well versed in strong optimizing scripts, coding for fast load time, seo video and image optimization, and following our seo team’s blueprints.  And, our developers are both experienced and highly skilled in custom web application development, (CSS3, HTML5, XHTML, JQuery, PhP, open cart, MySQL, Linux, WordPress, Woocommerce, Website Architecture, Custom E-commerce design and development, Mobile Apps and Responsive Design and Development.  We work extensively in customization of Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify, Volusion, Shopping Cart Elite, BigCommerce, Core Commerce, Fortune3, goEmerchant, Ashop Commerce, and Pinnacle Cart.

Internet Marketing Optimization CompanyTexas Data Soft gives you our Social Media Marketing experts that specialize in seo copywriting, blogging and public relations.

Tex Data Soft will help you with both Social media marketing to build your online Reputation through engaging your audience.

We are able to strengthen your reputation and visibility through search engine optimization, content marketing, research and copywriting of blogs, press releases, social media marketing, and pay-per-click advertising.   More information about the service that we offer in reputation management and authorship may be found on the following pages of our website in more detail: Building Online Reputation, Social Media Analytics and Reporting.

We have a full suite of Multimedia Services

At Tex Data Soft an Internet Marketing Company, we provide custom Professional Photography geared toward telling a story about your brand through social media and your website.  Professional Videography and video streaming is another multimedia service that we offer that includes:  video optimization, uploading and optimizing your YouTube videos, and custom seo scripting with a video spokesperson.

We Service the entire state of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas including the following surrounding areas in the United States:

The West Texas  Area and cities including:  Lubbock, Amarillo and other surround areas.

Certified Scrum Master

Certified Scrum Master

Sacramento Design Network, Inc.

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Search Engine Optimization

Our Sacramento professional search engine optimization and Sacramento social media marketing services will guarantee a high ROI.

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Web Development

We will create a custom offer to build or redesign your website for maximum efficiency, great rankings and impeccable UX.

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Website Configurator

We know each business is unique, so that‘s why you have the chance to choose the Sacramento web development options that fit your needs.


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