Why you need a social customer service program

by / Friday, 02 November 2012 / Published in Social media

We’d like to start today’s article with a question related to the way you see that businesses should behave in social media: does it matter to you if a company has a social customer service program? We bet that you, as a user, have at least once asked a company a question on their Facebook page or Twitter account and so on. Did they answer in due time? Was it a satisfying customer experience?

Think of these questions and then think about the fact that your customers and your audience may be doing the same in relation to your business. They expect you to:
- answer their questions
- help them or offer them support in relation to your products and services
- be nice and polite to them
- offer them the information they need
- provide them with solutions and always keep calm
- raise to their expectations.

Apparently, these are easy things to achieve, but you’d be surprised of how many companies can’t cover their bottom lines and accomplish these things. Of course, this means that someone will always be there to help them and respond promptly and effectively. Here are the main motivations to help you get ahead with having your own social customer service program:

Customer sentiment, conversation volume and engagement score are some new important metrics for you to measure and they are all connected to the way you do customer service for your clients. Do you know how much business you could lose by having poor customer service? Here are some figures to help you understand:

Listening to your customers and addressing their needs in an effective manner is what you should be doing right now. You can learn more about this from this interesting infographic.

Do you have a social customer service program?