The 5 key elements to great user experience

by / Tuesday, 27 November 2012 / Published in Graphic design

Focusing on user experience might not be something that comes naturally to your company. It may even be an aspect which you do not have the resources to pay attention to or manage, but you do have to know that UX is an essential component in everything you do, either if it’s packaging or a website. The end users’ needs are those that prevail when having to decide which feature should be included and which should be left out. It impacts the way we shape the visual identity of a brand and the structure of a website we design. It changes everything.

That is why we believe that user experience should be something not limited to the IT department. So we have gathered 5 key elements that will help you succeed in creating a better user experience for your customers and potential customers.

1. Great user experience starts with respect. Respect your co-workers, respect your principles, respect your job ethics and especially respect your user. Everything else will follow.

2. Build a shared understanding within the team and with the user. This is what will build a common grounds for negotiation and building a strong relationship.

3. Outstanding user experience is built with great leadership, visionary work, full immersion in the process, filtering out the complexity and telling an authentic story.

4. User experience is a crucial component over which everyone involved in the project must share ownership for. That means that engineering, marketing and product management will work together as one and won’t try to impose their own approach. Balance is essential when trying to achieve a common vision, shared goals and maximum functionality.

5. Of course, the last and one of the most important pieces of advice on the matter is to let creativity loose, but in a way that the team will agree on the main elements and each member of the team will contribute to creating a compelling user experience. This requires breaking down communication barriers and opening up the mind and heart to the true values of the brand and of the product/service that is being created.

What do you feel your team would need in order to get better at focusing on the user’s needs?