Reignite your creativity

by / Wednesday, 25 July 2012 / Published in Branding, Social media

Creativity is something we all strive to attain, an elusive skills that sometimes slips right between the fingers. And we need creativity in our lives; we crave for its magic touch, for its emotional strength. Creativity makes us reveal our personalities, our professional abilities in a personal key.

But due to an array of circumstances and causes, we may feel drained of that creative drive we sometimes have. That is when we start to feel that we should do something about it, and start seeking that special key that will trigger inspiration once again.

There are a few things we perceive as obstacles when thinking about creativity:

- We believe that only highly intelligent people posses the grace of creativity, but it turns out that intelligence and creativity are not necessarily connected.

- We want to create something that makes sense, so we start categorizing ideas and things, and we break down everything by pattern and label. That is when we fall into the rut.

What you can do to boost your creativity

This useful infographic created by Copy Blogger reveals a few stepping stones to follow to keep your creative spirit alive and kicking:

1. Embrace chaos and lack of clarity
2. Separate work and play, so your mind can relax and find new sources of inspiration;
3. Don’t make “playing” or “relaxing” one of your tasks;
4. Think creatively and then logically, so the two trains of thought don’t interfere with one another; write now and edit later;
5. Don’t worry too much about mistakes; creativity is about trying new things and discovering new perspectives;
6. Believe in yourself and in your creative potential;
7. Don’t let others discourage you;

At one point, stop collecting information and start acting on it, or else you will be overwhelmed by the intake of new data.

When do you usually feel you are most creative?