Mobile ads through Google

by / Monday, 30 July 2012 / Published in Online news

Let me start today’s post with a question: do you have a smartphone? How often do you use it to go online? If the answers to those questions are “yes” and “very”, than you are not the only one. Studies say that there are 491.4 million smartphone in the world and Nielsen reported that 46% of US mobile phone owners had a smartphone at the end of last year. And the data gets even more staggering as we move on to predictions: IMS Research expect smartphones to reach 1 billion in annual sales in 2016 (half the mobile device market) and Morgan Stanley Research estimates sales of smartphones will exceed those of PCs in 2012. (Source)

So what do all those numbers have to do with your business?

Imagine how all of these millions of people use their smartphones; they don’t just talk and text on them: they use email apps, music apps, search, location based apps and all the fun, useful and simply creative apps you can imagine. And then they go to a website that has not been optimized for mobile usage and they find it troublesome to browse through it, so they give and  go to another website. You wouldn’t want the website they just left to be yours, would you?

There’s a simple way to prevent that and that way can really work for your business: create a mobile version of your website. You may not have the money to invest in a dedicated app and your business may be too small to have something to offer through an app, but you can always contract the services of an agency to help you build a mobile version of your website. The benefits can be tremendous.

For example, Google paid $750 million to incorporate a mobile ads network so now they are offering mobile display ads, which are integrated with AdWords. That will fuel growth in this sector and present your business with promotion opportunities closer to the user than ever before. Of course, if you advertise on the network and lead users to a non-optimized website, you will have spent your money in vain.

A small investment in a mobile version of your website now could mean a lot of business in the near future coming from this channel. The businesses that will get on this train early on will conquer a lot of ground and get a lot of attention from their customers. Why not be bold and take a step?