Get started in 2013: a couple of resources

by / Wednesday, 02 January 2013 / Published in Internet Marketing

We though a light reading list would be good to get you in the mood for big plans in 2013. We have compiled a list of our favorite articles in the past few days, so that you can get an overview about what happened last year, so we’ll know how to do better this year.

As always, our focus if the web and everything it has to give us. From social media to technological innovations, and online security measures, we’ve tried to cover a bit of everything. Let’s begin:

Firs off, we’d like to share with you some digital media resources.

A great article about breaking some search engine optimization myths, which you will find very useful.

Some tools and content marketing ideas to freshen up your tactics.

Some online marketing posts that are more than worthy of being taken into consideration.

Some elements to avoid while building a mobile presence or mobile tools for your brand.

Yet more emphasis on the importance of building relationships and cultivating them, no matter what channels you use.

Some thoughts on business life from a wise man whose experience we respect.

Some ideas and priorities set for information compliance strategies in companies, which are becoming increasingly important.

A collection of great articles about information technology compliance, both architecture-related and business goals related.

Yet more tips about customer engagement best practices that could help you get more from your online channels and your customer base.

Some of the best articles in 2012 about user experience design, which is essential on any online channel in order to provide a meaningful, positive experience for your customers.

A balanced perspective on some of the most important moments in technology from 2012.

What will happen this year? We only know that we’re looking forward to it!