Blogging: between SEO and PR

by / Monday, 20 May 2013 / Published in Thoughts on business life

There’s a good reason blogging services are so spread. First of all they are a great SEO tool and secondly they provide PR people the insights they need for better communicating on behalf of their brand. Let’s start with SEO.

Search engine optimization can be acquired in many ways and one of them is blogging. It may not be as simple as an AdWords campaign and it may not be as straightforward as finding the right keywords and throwing them on a page. Blogging requires a few things more to make articles a powerful SEO method.

Depending on your type of business you can opt for a more friendly tone of text or, if its needed, a more client oriented approach. No matter the target, your articles have to be authentic and prove a valid point. There are ways you can engage your audience: polls, open questions and so on and you can also provide valuable information by resorting to official sources. In order to extend your reach don’t forget to make use of social plugins. All of these combined with proper use of keywords can turn your business blog into a respectable source of articles and themes.


While writing your own blog articles might be enough for some, getting others to write about your services and products is the best case scenario for a company. First of all it requires good products and services and secondly a good PR Officer that can reach to relevant bloggers. Remember it’s very important to advertise your products with truth in mind. Nothing generates a crisis faster than a blogger endorsing a product that turns out to be bad. If your product is designed for the lower-end of the market, then don’t be ashamed and whatever you do don’t advertise your product as something it’s not.

Being honest with your customers is what matters the most. And a good PR person knows that’s the first rule of improving the brand image.

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