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by / Thursday, 17 January 2013 / Published in Online news

Keep you updated. It may not rhyme, but it’s certainly the truth.

We have some very useful tips for you about some ways to make your business better.

If you’re using social media, it might be difficult to keep track of all the changes in design items size for all your channels. So we found for you an infographic that will offer you all the sizes for social media design items (cover photos, profile photos, video sizes, ad photos, backgrounds and so on).

The second infographic of the day is about the best 250 retailers in social media, those which have managed to gather large communities, those who have reached out to their customers in an engaging and effective way. Some of these retailers are Victoria’s Secret, Addidas, Walmart, Nike and Target. Their best practices make a good case study to help you implement successful strategies for your brand in the online environment. You’ll find the top retailers for specific social networks and maybe you’ll discover some insights for your own social media marketing efforts.

The last infographic of the day is about tips that could help you obtain a trademark for your brand or company. While this may sound like a big investment for you, it’s good to keep it in mind, because it could bring you a lot of benefits. One main benefit of having a trademark is that you can have your content protected, you ads campaigns on Google shielded from forgers and your apps on Apple Store copyrighted.

And as a bonus, we’re sharing some important pieces for information from the industry today:
- Facebook is about to launch the Open Graph search engine and maybe even the single column profile for users
- and if you’re in the US, have an iPhone and you’re on Facebook, now you can call your friend for free through Facebook Messenger.

Do you have any exciting news to share with us?

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